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November 2023

Esports in Education: Unlocking Skills and Opportunities

[ 1 HOUR]

Educator Online Training Session

Esports, also known as electronic sports, is making its way into educational systems worldwide. Beyond gaming, it serves as a powerful tool to enhance learning, foster socialization, and develop essential skills. Explore the cognitive, social, and emotional advantages of esports, connect it to STEM careers, and empower students through this dynamic field.

In this session educators will also get an overview of the Redstone Royale Africa initiative and the requirements.

23 November 2023 | 30 November 2023

December 2023


Establishing an Inclusive Esports Club

[ 1 HOUR]

Educator Online Training Session


Unlock the power of esports in your community! This 55-minute module guides you through creating an equitable and diverse esports program. From Minecraft Education to safeguarding children, engage key stakeholders, foster student leadership, and establish an esports classroom. Let’s build a thriving esports culture together! 

4 December 2023 | 6 December 2023

January 2024


Esports in Education: From Minecraft to Mastery

[ 1 HOUR]

Educator Online Training Session


Unlock the potential of Minecraft Education in your classroom! Dive into the world of competitive gaming and discover how to host engaging sessions, explore creative worlds, leverage esports content, encourage creativity, and connect with the gaming community. Ensure long-term success by empowering content creators, balancing play, collaborating with influencers, nurturing student growth, and sustaining your esports ecosystem.

Empower students through esports, where passion meets skill, creativity, and community!

15 January 2024 | 17 January 2024

February 2024


School Qualifiers


Tournament: Esports Matches


Teams will compete internally to identify the best best team, which will represent their school. Each school will register their team and players on the tournament platform where they will compete against the other teams in their country.

22 January 2024 – 2 February 2024

Country Qualifiers


Tournament: Esports Matches


Teams will compete against the other school teams in their country. Each week tests a new skill that the team will need to adapt to, to be victorious. The winning team of the country tournament will progress to the Redstone Royale Africa playoffs in March.

5 February 2024 – 15 March 2024

March 2024


Redstone Royale Africa Playoffs

[ 3 HOURS]

Tournament: Online Live Tournament


The winning school from each country faces off in the live finals. The tournament will feature a livestream, casters and influencers as part of the spectacle.

20 March 2024